Life at the Bottom

Have you ever hit rock bottom? Have you ever drop fifty levels below rock bottom? Do you know what real sadness is? I hope you don’t and never will. I can honestly say I have never been happy a day in my life. The first time I told someone this they told me it was impossible and for a while I started to believe it may have been all in my head.


Unfortunately I was right and i have never been happy. I have tried to fake it but that only makes me more depress. I have taught about suicide but thats not for me. I might be sad but I am not weak. I have lived for over thirty years without love, happiness or family.

I have to give thanks though as life could have been very worst. I learned from a young age to pay attention to all around me and keep very vigilante. I think I grew up too fast, in fact I don’t remember having a happy childhood. Shit I don’t remember having a childhood at all.


I started smoking weed at the age of twelve and hanging with gang members at about the same time. The lord has protected me all this time and i thank him. It may be hard to believe but my life is threaten up to five times every year and not from what you might call life happenings. I am not a gang member and have never been but that does not stop random “GANGSTERS” believing that my life is some sort of prize to acquire. I really don’t know why I am still alive, it does not add up to me. I went on the road four days ago to the store and was kidnapped by some guys that told me I was snitching and it was my last day alive. I hate cops, sorry to say this but it is the truth. they have tried to kill me before because I saw things I shouldn’t. I don’t snitch simply because I don’t trust cops.


I am still alive though and don’t know why. I know I should be dead but I guess faith has something else in mind for me and my life. With all that said I am an outcast in my country, my community and my family I am alone. I am sad but there are people out there that are going through a lot more difficult lives than what I am experiencing. I have been sad for a long time and I don’t believe I will ever be happy but I am too much the person that I am and i can’t see someone else sad and not try to help them.


I will try has hard as I can to help the people that are as sad as I am. I will not be beaten by sadness when there are people that need help and I believe that I can. Visit my shop “why2” you might find a t-shirt or some other trinket that says exactly what you are thinking.


“Orlando Night Club Shooting” why promote the hate?

It has only been less than forty eight hours after the gruesome murder of 49 people and 50 plus more being seriously injured. It happen in an Orlando night club the night before last and the pain from the loss is still fresh in the minds and hearts of the love ones of the victims. Not only the residents of the city of Orlando but people all over the world are morning the barbaric debacle.

Not all people feel what had happen was a tragedy however as some Jamaican took to facebook to vent their  feelings towards the gay community of everywhere. This is the post made by the Island bloggers.first pic

To many it may seem like this is just a harmless post but if you continue reading this post you will see how much hate these people force on the daily lives of others. There is a reply to the post that states “lol dem fi dead bout what can be nicer than fi fuck pussy” translation “they all should die because there is nothing more fantastic than fucking a pussy”. How about not being killed by a jackass full of hate from misguided interactions? How about not being executed like a stray dog? Life is a lot more important than sex. You have to be alive to enjoy anything. Who gave you the right to make a comment such as that.


second pic

Jamaicans already have a bad reputation for being barbaric homophobic brutes and making posts like this one does nothing to improve the way most of the world sees the lovely little island paradise. This is a promotions of terrorism. The major problem with what these people have done is the fact that some of these people do not realize what they are doing to the reputation of the nation. Making a post on social media can go viral at anytime. How would the Jamaican people look to the world if this stupidity was to be communicated to the rest of the world.trd pic

This post have more than a few replies that support the attack and brutal murder of almost fifty law abiding American citizen. These people will tell you that the post does not support the attack,  what then does posting something like this in a public group on one of if not the most know and used social media world wide says. This post was made out of anger for some particular gay men but to make reference to something so tragic, something that happened a couple hours ago is a smack in the face of the family of these people. Some love ones of some of the shooting victims are yet to know they have lost someone. Did these people even think about the consequences of their hate.

All Jamaicans are nothing like these hateful people and it is for this reason  this post was made. For anyone who might have seen these jackasses in action, let this blog be the first to apologize to the victims and their love ones along with the mourning city of Orlando.frth pic.jpg

You can see the complete post via the link below:

The question still remains, WHY PROMOTE THE HATE?

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